Cosmetic Treatments - Dental Logic - Wrinkle Reduction in East Yorkshire
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Cosmetic Treatments
Wrinkle Reduction

We have a range of treatments available to help reduce the visible signs of aging. Find out more


Tooth veneers are carefully constructed porcelain shells that are fixed to the tooth surface. These help to hide defects and improve their colour; particularly useful if you wish to hide discolored or narrow teeth.


Damaged or broken teeth can develop into more serious problems if you leave them untreated. Crowns can improve the structural and mechanical strength of teeth as well as improving aesthetics. Crowns can be made from metal, usual gold or silver in colour, or natural tooth coloured material.


In the event of missing or decayed teeth, dentures can help restore a confident, natural looking smile. Partial dentures replace one or two missing teeth, whereas complete dentures fit over the gums and jawbone to replace all lower and upper teeth. We offer a variety of dentures, including acrylic, cobalt chrome, flexible dentures, high impact dentures, and many more.

Next steps

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