Our Dentistry Services - Dental Logic - Dentist in Hull and East Yorkshire
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General Dentistry
Patient Exam

New patients should schedule a check-up with our dentist as soon as possible to ensure optimal oral health from the outset. Already with Dental Logic? Check-ups are still important and we recommend scheduling a visit with our dentist regularly.

Hygienist Services

Regular visits to the hygienist will help maintain good oral health, keeping both teeth and gums cleaner and healthier. Our hygienist is also able to provide oral health advice and preventative measures on plaque control.


Fillings are necessary to repair tooth cavities and protect against further decay. Dental Logic is able to offer both traditional amalgam fillings, as well as newer, white composite fillings for a more natural looking smile.


As a last resort, it may become necessary to remove problematic teeth in order to restore comfort and oral health. This can sometimes be due to severe decay or even just due to a lack of space, such as in the case of wisdom teeth. Contact us today for further advice.

Root Canal

Experiencing extreme pain when eating or chewing? You may require root canal treatment to treat an infected tooth, especially if you have recently suffered trauma to your teeth or currently have fillings. Ignoring the problem can make matters much worse, so do contact us as soon as possible for advice.


Restore missing teeth with a natural looking, custom-made bridge. Teeth either side of the missing teeth are used as anchors with false porcelain teeth permanently fixed to them. Using this process there is no need for a plate or denture.


Damaged or broken teeth can develop into more serious problems if you leave them untreated. Crowns can improve the structural and mechanical strength of teeth as well as improving aesthetics. Crowns can be made from metal, usual gold or silver in colour, or natural tooth coloured material.


In the event of missing or decayed teeth, dentures can help restore a confident, natural looking smile. Partial dentures replace one or two missing teeth, whereas complete dentures fit over the gums and jawbone to replace all lower and upper teeth. We offer a variety of dentures, including acrylic, cobalt chrome, flexible dentures, high impact dentures, and many more.

Next steps

Whether you’re a new or existing patient, please contact our friendly team who will only be too happy to assist further!